Our food safety program and expertise in specialty fruits and citrus make the perfect combination to bring these products to your kitchen. We recognize that we would not be where we are today without our community. With locally sourced products, we represent independent farmers while maintaining efficient supply. At Vertical Foods, we provide products with superior taste and appearance to deliver a great eating experience.

Good Agricultural Practices

Our growers produce safe products and eliminate potential for product contamination. At the beginning of each growing season, the ranches and field locations are assessed to ensure they are acceptable for the products grown.

These Good Agricultural Practices are verified by recognized third party audits. Being vertically integrated allows us to select and ensure we manage the growers who provide our products. We know the history of the land and what was done to produce and harvest the crop.

Additionally, the commodities we provide are packed in compliance to accepted Good Manufacturing Practices. Field audits are conducted for all commodities that we produce and pack, recognized by third party certifiers.

Quality Assurance

Each product is reviewed by Quality Assurance and secured thru shipment to our customers. Our food safety programs are assured through in­house and third ­party auditors that follow recognized policies and procedures to ensure the safest product