Demand for High Quality

New trends in American culinary tastes have created new niches for entrepreneurial food companies. Vertical Foods has seized one of these niches, speciality fruits, by matching its unique expertise in growing and shipping these seasonal fruits with the expanding demand for high-quality figs, persimmons, pomegranates, fresh prunes, kiwi, fruit, apricots, specialty plums, pineapple quince, limes and mandarins.

Healthy Responsible Eating

Grow progressive varieties & provide customized packaging specifically designed to improve quality and eating experience. The strength of our retail partnerships comes from the fact that we ship what we grow, and our experience gives us the necessary command of logistics, creating cost­effective ways of aggregating different fruits so that shipping is timely and efficient. To this we add value by implementing the various packing options for each item that display the fruit in ways that drive consumer satisfaction with superior retail displays. In short, our retail customers get what they need when they need it.In the end, however, the real value of specialty fruits from Vertical Foods is that we understand that to excel in our niche, we must grow fruits that deliver what today’s consumer of our product demands: superior taste and appearance to deliver a great eating experience. That’s the kind of specialty fruits we grow and that’s why our customers buy them—to satisfy their customers, the consumer.