We are partners

We are a group of farmers and packers with a passion for the best specialty fruits and citrus from the central valley area and beyond. Our unique expertise in growing and shipping these seasonal fruits parallels the expanding demand for high-quality specialty fruit offerings.

We are Growers

Vertical Foods grows and partners with independent growers, providing farming and food safety support. Seasonal fruit is picked at its peak ripeness combined with stable volume.

We have demonstrated capabilities of harvest management, crew and equipment consolidation for efficient harvesting. We excel in superior taste and appearance to deliver a great eating experience.

We are Packers

Our packing house partnerships allow us to prepare our product with versatility and speed. Vertical Foods provides customized packaging specifically designed to improve quality and consumer eating experience.

We are Shippers

We ship what we grow, and our experience gives us the necessary command of logistics, creating cost ­effective ways of aggregating different fruits so that shipping is timely and efficient. We have created a highly efficient supply chain creating a seasonal fruit category viable for everyday purchases.